Frequently Asked Questions


Are tables and chairs included?

Yes, we provide up to 125 folding resin chairs and a variety of table shapes and sizes for you to use for your event.

Can I bring alcohol?

Some say you can’t have a party without it! The answer is yes, you may bring alcohol. You will be required to obtain a 1 day event insurance policy. This covers you and us in the event something happens at or after the event. You can get pricing from one of our recommended vendors. We don’t sell this, but it’s not usually too expensive with the size and types of parties that happen at our venue.

Can we decorate the inside walls?

Of course! The only thing we ask is that you don’t use thumb-tacks or nails. Remember to bring tape or command hooks so that they can easily be removed without damaging the walls.

Do I need to hire security?

No. If it’s a concert or part of a larger event, we may ask you to provide security, but it’s not necessary for the typical party/event.

How early can we show up for our event?

This venue is booked by the hour, if your event requires time to set-up or decorating, it must be included in time you book. 10-15 minutes before booked time is ok, we’re not that strict.

How many people can you accommodate?

Our maximum occupancy is 125. If you are looking to have all guests inside or outside only, then the maximum is 80.

What is the latest we can stay?

You can “party” until 12am. By party, we mean music and noise. We give you and guests until 1am to clean and exit.